Q. What is WorkLight?

A. WorkLight from RhinoDox is the only solution that combines the smartest enterprise content management software and best workflow software.

Q. Who uses it?

A. WorkLight was designed specifically for the needs of growing businesses. For these companies, it’s challenging to manage people, processes, information and resources without adding a lot of additional employees, systems and expenses. WorkLight removes these barriers to growth.

Q. What technology powers WorkLight?

A. WorkLight combines the content search genius of MarkLogic and the automation brilliance of K2. That makes it the only solution that brings together the best-of-the-best technology. Growing businesses can now have all of information accessible in one place and automate workflows using their current systems.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. WorkLight is enterprise-level technology at the lowest total cost of ownership. This makes it extremely cost effective for any size business. For a specific price quote, please contact us.

Q. Do we need special software or different systems?

A. No. WorkLight operates with your current systems.

Q. Do we need extensive training?

A. No. WorkLight is drag-and-drop easy. However, RhinoDox knows how essential it is to get everyone on board. That’s why we will train your employees and help them embrace Worklight as a better way to work.

Q. Is WorkLight secure?

A. Absolutely. WorkLight provides your company with the most granular security. In fact, the MarkLogic technology that WorkLight uses is Department of Defense certified.

Q. What if our needs change?

A. It’s almost certain that needs will change for any growing business. In many cases, that requires changing platforms. However, WorkLight adapts to the changing needs of businesses, even if you don’t know what those changes will entail. That’s a very important factor because it means you won’t need to change solutions or disrupt your business.

Q. What is BPM?

A. BPM stands for business process management. This can involve an extremely diverse set of variables, including people, forms, workflows and departments. WorkLight takes the complexities of BPM and makes them manageable for growing businesses. It streamlines everything to its simplest form: input, process and output. WorkLight also adapts as your workflows change without disrupting business.

Q. What is ECM?

A. ECM stands for enterprise content management. It is a process that allows an organization to search, retrieve and store content. But that definition only begins to define how WorkLight simplifies ECM for businesses. WorkLight doesn’t just manage content; it turns your business into a search engine. To do this, it takes data from all disparate sources throughout the organization and brings it all together in a single place. That means you can search millions of files in milliseconds. As a result, you get the precise insight you need to make better decisions.

Q. How can we learn more?

A. The best way to understand the endless potential of WorkLight is to schedule a free consultation today. You’ll discover a better way to work and grow.

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