Workflow + Insight = WorkLight

Seamless process automation. That means a better and more integrated way to work, without adding people or relying on IT. And WorkLight operates on any device, anywhere.

Smarter search and content management. WorkLight searches using common, intuitive language. And you can refine any search in an instant. As a result, you find precisely what you need, every time you need it. Most important, it’s all in one place.

Customized eForms or reports. You’re in control of the rules and it’s drag-and-drop easy. And unlike other workflow solutions, WorkLight configures to your processes and systems.

One Solution. Every Benefit.

Almost every business has growing pains. Disparate data and disconnected processes hurt growth, employee performance and your profit potential. WorkLight from RhinoDox removes those barriers quickly, simply and efficiently by automating processes, integrating information and adapting to your specific needs.
Business intelligence should be all access. Unfortunately, most technology restricts or complicates the flow of knowledge. Multiple logins, applications and platforms stand between you and the insights you need. WorkLight makes it one-source simple and gives your team the freedom of the cloud. The result is better information and better decisions.
The idea of enterprise-level solutions comes with the perception of major changes and significant expenses. WorkLight changed the rules. It was designed to give small and medium sized businesses next generation cloud technology at the lowest total cost of ownership. That makes business process improvement remarkable affordable.
“Workarounds” are created because workflow and information doesn’t flow. WorkLight adapts to your individual needs and current systems to eliminate business process management bottlenecks. Instead of work arounds you get business process improvement and information access that truly works for everyone.
If your team doesn’t adopt a solution quickly, it’s not a solution. At RhinoDox, we understand how essential it is to show your team a better way and help them every step of the way. And they’ll embrace it because it works the way they already do, but faster, smarter and easier. It’s a transforming experience.
No document, piece of content, workflow or form is unimportant. That’s why WorkLight provides your company with the most granular security. In fact, the MarkLogic technology that WorkLight uses is Department of Defense certified.
New technology is a curse to an overburdened IT staff. No wonder they hate the term “business process improvement.” WorkLight changes that dynamic. We provide truly adaptable automation for your growing business, and it’s simple enough that IT is never bothered. They’ll love that.

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See the Light

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When we combined the best information management
and workflow solutions, a better way came to light.

Imagine if your business could bring together the best-of-the-best information management and workflow solutions. That’s the power of WorkLight. It combines the content search genius of MarkLogic and the automation brilliance of K2. We’re talking next generation, enterprise-level cloud technology. And you get it all at the lowest total cost of ownership.