How WorkLight helps Finance

WorkLight turns a growing business into a search engine. It can search millions of files in milliseconds to find the exact information you need. For Finance, that means any search reveals the insights you need to help maintain better control of your operations by making informed decisions about budgets, costs, resources, compliance and risk mitigation.
WorkLight sharpens budgeting and forecasting by bringing disparate data into a single view. That means better informed estimates and recommendations, and smarter growth decisions for your changing company.
Expense claims need to be in compliance with company policies and quickly authorized by the right people. WorkLight provides the financial process automation to streamline all approvals and tracking of expense claims and reports. You can even evaluate historical trends for more accurate projections.
WorkLight simplifies and streamlines invoicing process through automated financial document management and approvals. It creates financial process automation on your terms, so invoices go to the right people and are correctly classified, validated and securely stored.
Now small and medium sized businesses can have enterprise-level risk management. WorkLight combines full auditing capabilities with next generation financial process automation so you can archive data even after a workflow has been deleted.
Growing businesses frequently bombard finance with capital requests. WorkLight helps you manage these urgent requests without missing a critical step. Now requests can be properly tracked, managed and approved with smart, secure financial process automation.
With WorkLight financial process automation capabilities it’s simple and secure to implement collections workflows. As a result, Finance can manage accounts quickly and accurately.
Procurement involves more than Finance. Fortunately, so does WorkLight. Now your entire organization can work collaboratively with procurement and the result is more consistent collective buyer power.
In Finance, audit is actually a four-letter word. Reducing your risk of an audit is another area where WorkLight shines. It saves you time collecting, storing and tracking data so you can stay informed about tax certificate management.

Finance, we feel your pain.

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We would love to show you why WorkLight is a better way for Finance to manage budgets, optimize resources, control costs.


You need to manage budgets, resources and costs.
That’s when WorkLight shines for Finance.

Finance is a delicate balancing act for a growing company. You have to manage budgets, optimize resources, control costs and accomplish it all with a staff that’s overtaxed. And you need to make informed decisions that consider the proper governance, compliance and risk mitigation. In short, you need the right insights and seamless financial document management. That’s where WorkLight shines.