How WorkLight helps
Human Resources

WorkLight turns a growing business into a search engine. It can search millions of files in milliseconds to find the exact information you need. For Human Resources, that means any search reveals the insights you need to help manage the demands of a growing workforce.
Data entry is time lost. WorkLight significantly reduces data entry and stores all your information in one place for easy HR document management. You can quickly make changes and updates, automate distribution and process requests faster, easier and more securely.
Day one is stressful for new employees and Human Resources. WorkLight simplifies HR document management so every new employee gets precisely what they need simply, consistently and correctly from day one. Offboarding is easier as well and exiting employees are securely locked out, protecting your company.
Imagine if some HR tasks could be handled by employees themselves. WorkLight makes it happen without complicated or costly HRIS software. Now you can provide employees with secure access to their personal records, payroll data and benefits information. That’s a time saver for everyone.
Employees want to get reimbursed. HR wants to streamline the constant flow of expense claims. WorkLight helps everyone get what they want by tracking and evaluating submitted claims so they can get paid faster.
Who needs to see the requisition? When do they need to approve it? How can we make this easier? The answer is WorkLight. It streamlines the process of capturing every job requisition need and gaining all the necessary approvals. And it adapts easily as people and processes change.
Every pay period matters. Every paycheck is crucial. And security is paramount. WorkLight helps eliminate errors and increase efficiency at every step. In fact, the technology that WorkLight uses is Department of Defense certified.
WorkLight allows your company to set and track objectives and reviews. That’s key because it means that all parties are well-informed and treated fairly and consistently.
Training is critical for employees. But much of it is repetitive and time consuming for the HR Department. WorkLight transforms training. Now you can automate updates and reminders, track progress and record completions, and even notify supervisors when help is needed.
Updating company policies can be a migraine for HR, especially when everyone is so busy. But this essential function can be managed at every step by WorkLight. Now you can secure critical records and manage the compliance, review and updating of company policies.
Recruiting is one of the more challenging roles of HR. It’s also a need that always seems to be hot. WorkLight helps you manage company-wide efforts with collaborative tools and real-time status updates.
The two-way street of vacation requests is now a simple flow. WorkLight makes it easier for employees to submit requests and for managers to evaluate those requests. Tracking is also streamlined: Vacation, PTO/sick days and personal days are only one click away for employees and managers.

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Recruiting, onboarding, benefits, training, performance reviews, expense reports, vacations and offboarding. The lifecycle of every single employee is the hard work of Human Resources. And it becomes even more demanding in a growing company. The solution isn’t new HRIS software. It’s simpler information and HR document management. That’s where WorkLight shines.