How WorkLight helps Legal

WorkLight turns a growing business into a search engine. It can search millions of files in milliseconds to find the exact information you need. For Legal, that means any search reveals the insights you need to reference, record, validate, maintain compliance, and mitigate risks company-wide. And it’s all protected by technology that is Department of Defense certified.
It’s understandable that WorkLight could be thought of as SOX compliance software. That’s because it offers full auditing capabilities to help maintain SOX compliance, even as your business grows and changes.
Legal needs to make strategic decisions during every phase of the mergers and acquisition process. WorkLight provides instant access to critical insights that keep decision makers informed and the process flowing.
Now any size business can have enterprise-level risk management. WorkLight combines full auditing capabilities with next generation legal document automation so you can archive data even after a workflow has been deleted.
WorkLight streamlines the entire regulatory reporting process. That allows Legal to deliver more accurate information and reduce risk. WorkLight shines when it’s time to file, automate information gathering, and file documents instantly.

Legal, we feel your pain.

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See the Light

We would love to show you why WorkLight is a better way for Legal to manage its ever-expanding resources.


You need to document, validate, inform and mitigate risks.
That’s when WorkLight shines for Legal.

Arguably the most acclaimed movie about the legal world is “The Paper Chase.” It was made over 40 years ago, but a real life paper chase still dominates too many legal departments. To finally end the runaround, legal document automation, secure information management and instant insights need to be the law. In short, legal needs one source for its ever-expanding resources, all with anywhere, anytime access. That’s where WorkLight shines.