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4 Ways Uncontrolled Information Stands in the Way of Your Digital Transformation Plans

4 Ways Uncontrolled Information Stands in the Way of Your Digital Transformation Plans

Turning Digital Transformation Dreams into Digital Transformation Reality.

Most organizations have heard of digital transformation by now. But what exactly is it? And how do you begin your digital transformation journey while successfully overcoming the challenges and navigating the changes it brings?

In The Hype Around Digital Transformation Continues, Manish Bahl describes the challenge facing many executives as they struggle to turn digital transformation wishes into digital transformation reality:

“I believe leaders are already overwhelmed and probably confused by the hype surrounding digital. They are still trying to separate the signal from the noise. If you were to ask 20 executives, “What is digital?” you would receive 20 different responses based on each individual’s understanding of the structure of digital organizations, their vision, and culture.”

One reason that digital transformation initiatives fail – along with their second cousin, big data initiatives – is that the raw materials for these initiatives – content and data – are simply out of control. So before gathering the senior staff for an executive retreat at some fancy resort to discuss a visionary transformation agenda, organizations should look at the current state of information management in their organization and take the time to formulate concrete steps to bring information under control.

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Here are 4 things You Should be Keeping an Eye on as Your Business Embarks on its Digital Transformation Journey:

1. Paper is still a problem. The reality for many organizations is that uncontrolled information – especially paper – still has a stranglehold on day-to-day activities. Many tasks requiring review and approval still require physical interactions with paper-based information. In fact, according to AIIM, 65% of organizations say they are still “signing” on paper.

2. Scattered, non-integrated repositories are all around us. AIIM reports that 52% of organizations have three or more Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Database Management (DM), Resource Management (RM) systems; and 22% have five or more systems.  The problem is even more challenging at the largest organizations, with 38% reporting more than five ECM / DM / RM systems in operation. Of course, the information that is officially in those systems is only part of the information management story in most organizations.

3. Single-purpose Software as a Service (SaaS) silos are popping up everywhere. The SaaS revolution started by Salesforce – making enterprise grade process automation available to companies of all sizes – is still in its early stages. The “business” now has the power to implement single-process solutions – often without a lot of IT involvement. While this eases immediate process pain, it also raises long-term questions about the availability of content assets for processes outside of the target SaaS application. Most processes connect with other processes, and most content assets are needed in more than one process.

4. Legacy Systems A new generation of content management solutions is hitting the marketplace. This has created pressure in many organizations to take advantage of these solutions. However, given than most ECM solutions perform a mission-critical function, simply yanking them out and replacing them is not a decision to be taken lightly. Forrester notes, “Most organizations struggle with migrating legacy content from old ECM systems.”

Overcoming the Hurdles and Actually Getting Started

A survey of 1,000 UK business leaders and senior directors by Code Computerlove concluded that while more than 86% of business leaders think digital transformation is necessary within their organization, only half feel that they fully understand it. More than that, a 2016 Forbes article contended that 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. Organizations serious about Digital Transformation need to start with the basics – bringing uncontrolled information under control so that they can actually begin the transformation process.

Easier said than done, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. RhinoDox CEO, Justin Ullman, notes that with digital labor tools like WorkLight from RhinoDox, digital transformation dreams are more achievable than ever before. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started on your digital transformation journey today.

John Mancini, AIIM Chief Evangelist

John Mancini is an author, speaker and respected leader of the AIIM global community of information professionals. He believes that in the next 5 years, a wave of Digital Transformation will sweep through businesses and organizations, and that organizations now face a fundamental choice between Information Opportunity and Information Chaos.