Customer Success at RhinoDox

Customer Success at RhinoDox

We’re An Extension of Your Team

Customer Success can mean a lot of things in the SaaS industry, but in the traditional ECM space, Customer Success doesn’t even exist! In fact, the lack of a positive customer experience, and an inability to keep up with the demanding trends of our contemporary world has led to a negative view of the ECM space – it’s outdated and some would even call it “dead”. That’s where RhinoDox comes in.

RhinoDox is the future of ECM, and has been labeled a Content Analytics tool, or the New Generation of ECM by Aragon Research. Our technology is robust, modern and able to solve the complex problems that organizations face on a daily basis.

Complex problems solved by cutting-edge technology require expertise to help guide partners to implement the right solution on time and on budget. Our platform is changing the industry with its advanced search engine and workflow technology, but most importantly, we have a group of experts on our Customer Success team who guide each partner through the transformational changes needed to operate an organization at its highest capacity by decreasing costs, and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Our Customer Success team embraces every new partnership and conducts thorough discovery sessions in order to curate a unique solution prior to applying our technology to it. We are a solutions-driven team that follows a process every time, in order to deliver operational excellence.

Contact us to learn more about our team, and how we can help you reach your goals.

 Julia Huang, RhinoDox Customer Success DirectorJulia Huang is the Director of Customer Success at RhinoDox. Prior to RhinoDox, she worked in the digital marketplace, delivering Customer Success at Vibes, Responsys|Oracle and Walgreens. When Julia’s not a busy Rhino, she enjoys breaking a sweat doing her favorite things such as crossfit, rock climbing and spinning.