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Delivering a Better Customer Experience with Quick Win Opportunities

Cavero Coating Case Study Framework

Delivering a Better Customer Experience with Quick Win Opportunities

Recently, we helped Cavero Coatings streamline its processes and customer journey so the company could take advantage of quick opportunities. We’re proud to share this case study from Assistant General Manager, Daniel Cavero.

At Cavero Coatings, we pride ourselves on providing the best high-temperature and non-stick coatings for our clients and end users. This mission begins with the production and quality of the product and extends to the operations and fulfillment of customer orders. 

Beyond helping customers meet their needs, it’s also important to us that we protect the environment by investing time in best business practices that allow us to maintain an eco-friendly status. So, we only manufacturer powder and water-based coatings. 

The way we care for our customers is another cornerstone of the experience we provide. Whether answering questions, providing immediate follow-up, or simply ensuring their product is delivered on-time, every touchpoint with suppliers, partners, clients, and users is intentionally exceptional. 

Customers shouldn’t feel any growing pains

As a rapidly growing business, we quickly identified the need to securely share product documentation and shipping order information with our clients so they could quickly and easily access and act on important details. 

To improve the customer experience, eliminate content sharing redundancies and drive efficiency, we partnered with RhinoDox. Their team was asked to implement a solution that would decrease the number of daily customer interactions and provide our clients with on-demand access to the shipping information. 

The RhinoDox team developed the following solution and completed implementation within 30 days of contract signature: 

  • Leverage the RhinoDox Platform as a repository for all client-related documentation, allowing for rapid search and retrieval 
  • Prioritize shipping related documentation, such as certificates of analysis, purchase order details, invoices, bills of lading, quality documentation, etc. 
  • Create security controls based on the client so users can log in and access the content that’s available to them 

Program Success

Since leveraging the RhinoDox Platform, we have experienced a number of impactful results. As we grow our business new clients will be able to share in the same successes, as below: 

  • Improved overall customer experience and create process efficiency 
  • Ability to collaborate, share content and access shipping documents on-demand from any device in a single platform
  • 59% decrease in our operating costs and current clients empowered manage customer requests every month 

What’s next for Cavero Coatings?

Cavero Coatings continues to grow its client base year over year. Taking action to improve quality standards and implementing new technology to streamline processes is key for its success. 

Cavero Coatings is focused on new solutions that make it easier for clients to do business with its team. Implementing a document management solution is the first step to driving an efficient operation.

Cavero Coatings is setting the standard for high-quality nonstick coating production processes and RhinoDox is a part of that continued success.

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