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Documents and Data Silos

Documents and Data Silos

What Does it Mean for Your Business?

You’re the head of HR and you’ve just been informed of yet another acquisition. And you’re also in the middle of an audit that requires information from files on your employees. The information you need is within documents that are scattered across a half dozen or more systems. IT says they are working on integrating but you need to find 50 personnel records now. You begin the arduous task by logging into the first HR system….

Can you imagine the amount of time wasted in this scenario? It happens every day in different situations at businesses small and large. These are known as information silos.

Information silos occur whenever a data system is not integrated or not compatible with other systems.

How do you Stop Wasting Time and Start Getting things Done?

At RhinoDox, we’ve leveraged the power of MarkLogic and built our WorkLight platform using its document database, triple store and search capabilities. How?

  • We added a best-in-class workflow solution to allow knowledge workers to not only search, but create and update documents as well.
  • With our fully featured API, we are able to integrate with any of your data systems and provide insanely fast search results with robust features such as faceting and semantic enrichment.
  • None of this would be possible without the universal index and triple store features in MarkLogic.

When the team at RhinoDox built the WorkLight platform, we evaluated many options before choosing MarkLogic. Their out-of-the-box features, like search and semantics made it an easy decision, and the platform continues to bring us returns on our investment.

If you’re facing some of the problems I’ve described, I encourage you to look at our WorkLight platform. And if you’re a technologist looking for a NoSQL document database solution, look no further than MarkLogic.

Marty McKenna, RhinoDox Senior DeveloperMarty McKenna is a Senior Developer at RhinoDox. He spends much of his time working on the MarkLogic API that powers WorkLight. Prior to RhinoDox, he worked in search and semantics software, in the Digital Marketing field. When he’s not busy building graphs or optimizing queries, he enjoys writing music.