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Guidelines for Selecting the Right Enterprise Content Management Tool for Your Business

Guidelines for Selecting the Right Enterprise Content Management Tool for Your Business

Are You in a Solution Slump?

Does your organization currently use an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool to store documents and data but you still can’t find what you need?

Is your team or department stuck in a manual process that’s taking valuable time out of your day?

Whether it’s a one-off document repository and workflow solution, an enterprise-wide application or a combination of multiple applications, you need to evaluate if your existing solution is right for you or if it’s time to look elsewhere.

Use the following evaluation criteria to determine if you have the right ECM tool for your business:

Migration and Implementation

The migration and implementation process can be challenging and your vendor should be there to support you along the way. Find out what service models they offer, how the fees vary and who will be handling the requests to determine what works best for your business.

Working directly with a dedicated Customer Success team versus a support ticketing system will have a very different impact on the migration and implementation process. The value of a Customer Success team is that they will manage the process from start to finish on your behalf and are completely invested in driving the outcome you are looking to achieve, such as decreasing your operational cost savings, increasing productivity and efficiency or driving ROI.

User Experience

It’s important to evaluate the ease of use and intuitive nature of the ECM tool. An over-customizable solution can cause user frustration and resistance. The product you are implementing should drive user adoption.

Selecting a solution that will grow with your business is critical, otherwise you will probably find yourself shopping for a new solution down the line. Avoid buyer’s remorse by asking your end users to trial the tool and provide feedback. That way, you’ll quickly learn how robust and user-friendly the tool is before implementation.

Configurable Options

There is a big difference between configuration and customization. In layman’s terms, configuration means having a robust solution that allows you to design your “settings” directly into the platform in a couple days time, whereas customization means custom development of an application and features, which takes a large monetary investment upfront along with a longer go-to market timeline.

The ECM tool you’re leveraging should be highly configurable to fit your needs without losing its usability. Evaluate your current tool for the following features and functionality to better understand its robust nature: account navigation and search, document viewer functionality, metadata management, workflow, security control and integrations.


You should be able to store all of the documents, content and data for your entire enterprise in your solution without a worry. Content management security controls should be extremely granular, allowing you to easily control who has access to what. This keeps information in the right hands at all times, and helps  avoid compliance concerns. Additionally, enterprise content can be highly sensitive so it’s crucial to understand the tool’s user and group security settings. Don’t compromise the level of security your business needs or limit the type of documents, content and data you need to run your business .

So, What’s the Takeaway?

Selecting the right solution and the right vendor can be a major strategic decision. Find a partner who is going to help you achieve your desired outcome – whether that’s showing success through a program ROI, reducing operational costs, creating efficiency and automation or any other goal. Your partner should be your advocate to help you get there.  

Interested in learning more about finding a solution that could work for you? Let’s chat.

Sammie Gibson, RhinoDox Senior Customer Success Manager

Sammie Gibson is the Senior Customer Success Manager at RhinoDox. Prior to RhinoDox, she worked in the digital marketplace, delivering mobile marketing experiences and strategies to retail, insurance and financial services clients. When she’s not a busy Rhino, Sammie enjoys a good glass of red wine, playing Euchre and watching comedy shows.