Justin Ullman Discusses Workflow Automation and Document Discovery - RhinoDox
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Justin Ullman Discusses Workflow Automation and Document Discovery

Workflow Automation

Justin Ullman Discusses Workflow Automation and Document Discovery

RhinoDox CEO, Justin Ullman, sat down with Bootstrapping in America on TastyTrade.com last month to discuss how his journey as a serial entrepreneur, starting with his first business, which he spun out of his family’s century-old federal warehouse company-based Peoria, IL lead to the start of RhinoDox.

Justin describes how the various companies he’s started evolved from boxes, paper, and warehouses to cloud-based software and digital documents. In 2016, Justin founded his latest venture, RhinoDox, to provide customers’ modern needs for content and document management.

Making Document Discovery Manageable

Workflow automation and document discovery present a number of obstacles for manufacturers that haven’t invested in new technology to get these tasks done more quickly or more easily. At RhinoDox, we help manufacturers, as well as companies in the agricultural, tech, and insurance industries produce outsized impact by improving visibility and usability, with rapid implementation.

“Our mindset is to think about how manufacturers can drive change in small bites as opposed to big, earth-shattering pieces.” – Justin Ullman, CEO of RhinoDox

One of our goals is to systemize transformation, and that process around innovation has shown to be successful for all of our clients. In the TastyTrade interview, Justin explains what it looks like when a diverse team enjoys implementing new ideas.

“Our team isn’t afraid to try new things and run with the ones that work for clients.” – Justin Ullman, CEO of RhinoDox

How To Future Proof Your Manufacturing Business

Justin also mentions the top questions manufacturers should be asking themselves:

  • Why are we going to do this?
  • What does it mean for us now and in the future?

The answer to those questions is automation. Spend less time looking for documents and more time working with your customers to bring in revenue. Streamline your workflow and automate your processes. 

RhinoDox is an intelligent content services platform that makes document management simpler by providing cloud-based software that increases visibility, automates tasks, processes, and communication.

Start streamlining your organization’s processes today, contact the RhinoDox team today!