Intelligent Content Management in Manufacturing - RhinoDox
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Intelligent Content Management in Manufacturing

Intelligent Content Management in Manufacturing

The future of document management in manufacturing includes using evolving technologies that allow companies to streamline processes and systems for maximum efficiency. Rhinodox has created a best-in-class intelligent content management platform that leverages secure cloud-based document storage, unparalleled intelligent search, and easy-to-implement business process automation. 

RhinoDox – The Robust Cloud Platform

As manufacturing technology continues to develop, the use of secure cloud-based technologies will become essential. Cloud technology provides easy access to an integrated system that an individual can securely and safely access across devices and locations. Combined with top tier security and user management, the Rhinodox platform streamlines processes to simplify the workflow of an organization, RhinoDox uses communication and visibility to connect people, content and business processes to help get more done in less time. 

RhinoDox makes it easy to upload content and media into the cloud platform. With various options for content upload, the platform is able to accommodate all quantities and sizes of files, with each item easily searchable using the cutting edge text, speech, image, and data recognition tools.

Easy and Intelligent Search and Discovery

RhinoDox also makes document search and discovery a breeze. Need that proposal or invoice, but don’t know where it is? There’s valuable information that has been filed away and stored in all of the forgotten places within most organizations. An integrated content management system will change all that. 

With intelligent search and discovery, the RhinoDox platform searches within all the content of documents for easy access and visibility – as well as any metadata and other associated document information – delivering what’s needed in just seconds. Our search experience is designed to make work easier, we don’t want employees wasting time looking for that proposal or invoice. We want them working on their core responsibilities with maximum efficiency.

Workflow and Business Process Automation

Intelligent content management can only be made possible with integrated and powerful workflow solutions. With a streamlined process, RhinoDox can transform time-consuming tasks and processes into efficient business operations. With our automation processes, you can discover documents and content like proposals, and invoices on demand and gain process transparency.

With RhinoDox, we take content management to the next level. In our platform, our partners are able to easily find documents such as proposals, invoices, and more. The workflow and business processes are streamlined and easier to navigate through, and your team can upload documents and media easier and in less time.

With the right content management platform, your manufacturing organization can get the job done. To get started today, contact RhinoDox and let us help you manage your content in the right way.