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Modern Talent Strategies: Technology, Tempo & Confronting Your Bias

Modern Talent Strategies: Technology, Tempo & Confronting Your Bias

Modern Talent Strategies
Bridging the Gap: Boomers, Millennials and Gen-Z

Just when you figure out what makes one generation tick, what really makes them engaged, productive workers, another one enters the workforce. As a baby boomer attending several millennial “how to cope” events in the last few weeks, I have concluded that most millennial panel members are interested in implementing an extremely simplistic approach to business planning.

I also discovered that the most technology-driven, fastest, yet most simplistic, diverse group of workers are about to enter the workforce…here comes Gen-Z.

How can an organization prepare for the simplistic millennial manager, retiring boomer and fresh Gen-Z’ers in the workplace?

“…there are three primary factors that influence a generation: age, societal norms, and technology.” – Libby Kane, Business Insider

In a recent Business Insider article, Libby Kane reflects on what we all knew was coming: a generation that doesn’t know a time without the internet, a generation so tech savvy and diverse that they are projected to make a profound impact on the way we live and do business; a workforce managed by millennials.

As a boomer fascinated with workflow and how different perspectives and strategies are shaping the way organizations operate, I’ve identified 3 areas of action to take now.

3 Action Items To Implement Now For All Generations of Workers

Embrace Technology

  • Go paperless
    • Cloud applications offer secure solutions for your content needs. In addition to reducing your organization’s carbon footprint, you will empower your employees with the ability to access the information they need, when they need it.
  • Implement low-code, actionable workflows
    • Your processes should work for your employees with ease and little onboarding.
    • If your company makes decisions via email, meetings and, it’s time to implement low-code actionable workflows.
  • Automate the low-value, mundane administrative task work
    • Knowledge workers that search for documents and files to perform their job often fall behind due to the administrative tasks associated with their job.
    • Processes change and so do employees – stop wasting time training and developing workflows, let automation give your team time to focus on their core functions.

Operational Tempo

  • Make decisions faster with information at the ready.
  • Prevent bottlenecks, minimize barriers and take challenges head-on when your content is accessible and searchable.
  • Close the operational tempo gap between your organization and that of your customers with seamless workflows, custom to your business.

Confront Your Bias

  • True diversity is accepting, being inclusive and supportive of all.
  • It might be time to revisit your dress codes, office hours and other norms that have changed over generations.
  • When a highly qualified job candidate, impeccably dressed, with purple hair enters the office, how do the senior executives react?
  • Is your company culture inclusive or exclusive? How often do you hear an exiting employee being categorized as “not a fit for our culture.” Find out why and make changes.

Bridging the Gap for Seamless Operations Will Always be a Constant

So, after your organization has realized all the benefits of improving your employer branding via-free food on Thursdays, changing annual reviews to bi-monthly and basking in the glow of having a second ping pong table delivered, consider these points to advance your company for millennials and all employees.

Whether you’re implementing modern technologies that work for all users and the bottom line, or connecting company culture across locations and generations, these action items will help you get on the path to discovering your best workforce ever. Embrace change and learn more about how Intelligent Content Services can help bridge the generation gap in your organization.

Justin Ullman, RhinoDox CEO

Justin Ullman is the Founder & CEO of RhinoDox. He has been in the Technology and Content Management industry, helping companies create differentiation and workforce efficiency, for over two decades. When Justin’s not a busy Rhino, he enjoys playing shows with his band, and spending time with his family and friends.