PSC and RhinoDox: Driving Success Through Digital Transformation

PSC and RhinoDox: Driving Success Through Digital Transformation

PSC’s Digital Transformation Solution

In any large organization, it’s not uncommon for documents and data to be stored in several places, including file cabinets, shared drives, internal databases or offsite facilities, just to name a few. This makes retrieving and managing data a difficult task, and results in an inability to provide customers with reliable reports.

When PSC, a national industrial services organization, realized that they had these challenges, they set out to find a solution.

After searching for a solution to fit their industry’s unique needs, PSC made the decision to partner with RhinoDox in order to achieve their goals of increasing operational efficiencies, and bettering their level of client support throughout the organization.

Prior to RhinoDox, PSC had a multi-step, manual process that required several parties to approve, review and sign off on documents. Each document was then carefully cataloged for client retrieval. The compliance manager was processing over 250 management documents per month, and spending 2-3 hours per day managing the process.

PSC realized that they needed to streamline their processes for managing their clients’ document retrieval demands, so they turned to RhinoDox to find a solution.

Upon engagement, the RhinoDox team conducted a thorough discovery process with PSC and developed the following solution:

  • Create a digital repository of all project-related documents, and place them into a single system, allowing for rapid search and retrieval.
  • Develop a real-time integration that makes it possible for PSC to access their project-related documents, as well as the metadata in their internal reporting system.

Program Success

Since implementing WorkLight, RhinoDox’s search and process automation solution, PSC has experienced impactful success metrics, such as:

  • The PSC compliance team saves an average of 80 hours per month because they no longer need to track down manifests by digging through file cabinets, storage rooms or by contacting contractors and disposal facilities. Instead, they can simply search for project-related documents in WorkLight, and the documents appear in seconds.
  • Through use of WorkLight, PSC’s document management costs have decreased by 88% annually.

PSC Chicago- Compliance Manager, Kareena Costello, shares her sentiments about the WorkLight platform:

Due to the success of the WorkLight platform, I can provide personnel with any project documents within minutes. This allows me to maintain a professional rapport because all my data is at my fingertips, and I can dedicate my time to my clients instead of searching for information. This allows me to be more efficient and present in the areas I am needed the most.

What’s next for PSC?

PSC will continue to focus on digital transformation initiatives that increase employee productivity, create efficiencies and decrease operational costs. In partnership with RhinoDox, PSC is looking to further automate their field operations by:

  • Creating a digital form for the manifest
  • Sending email triggers when a document needs to be reviewed or signed
  • Adding escalations when a task is sitting idle for too long
  • Removing manual steps that require printed or physical manifest copies
  • Automatically saving the manifest documents to WorkLight

PSC is setting the standard for hazardous waste management programs and how they should run, and RhinoDox is honored to be a part of their continued success.

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Sammie Gibson, RhinoDox Senior Customer Success Manager

Sammie Gibson is the Senior Customer Success Manager at RhinoDox. Prior to RhinoDox, she worked in the digital marketplace, delivering mobile marketing experiences and strategies to retail, insurance and financial services clients. When she’s not a busy Rhino, Sammie enjoys a good glass of red wine, playing Euchre and watching comedy shows.