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Rhino Report Revamp

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Rhino Report Revamp

The Top 3 Manufacturing Pain Points of 2018

If you read our recent report on the Top 3 Manufacturing Pain Points of 2018, you’re likely one of the many who agreed with the list. You might also be one of the many who reached out and said “Great info, thanks. What do I do with it?” or  “How do I address these pains, and how are other manufacturers doing the same?”

We appreciate the feedback, and we’re happy to say that we’ve revamped the report with additional findings and data, as well as insights into how leading manufacturing companies are tackling the challenges head-on. We also cover how we at RhinoDox can quickly and easily help you address these pains.

Even if you didn’t read the early version of the report, don’t worry. The updated report contains all of the same information, plus provides more information on, and approaches to:

  • Addressing the growing talent shortage in manufacturing
  • Increasing productivity – and therefore revenue and margin – in an increasingly price-competitive market
  • Making meaningful enhancements to the customer experience


Check out the updated version of the report here, and feel free to reach out to a member of our team if you have any questions – we’re only a click or a call away!

Zach Debelak is the Senior Vice President of Product at RhinoDox. Before RhinoDox, he spent nearly a decade at rapid-growth and startup tech companies in Chicago. Prior to that he spent over a decade in mobile telecom and management consulting. When Zach is not a busy rhino, he enjoys reading an almost-offensive amount of books, cooking (often poorly) and spending time with his wife, toddler son and dog.