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RhinoDox Core Values

RhinoDox Core Values

Taking a closer look at the core values that guide our company and feed our passion.

Take a moment to think about the core values that guide your personal life, versus the core values that guide your professional life. Is there a big difference between the two? Should there be?

Here at RhinoDox, we don’t think so.

So, what are the RhinoDox core values?

  1. “Master Yoda” – We’re all here because of great teachers (like Master Yoda) – due to that, we’re dedicated to constant learning, and working on what makes us better.
  2. “Be Brave” – We’re not afraid to take the risks that drive growth and transformational change.
  3. “Take a Right at the Light” – We always take the time to drive the right decisions.
  4. “The Real Deal” – We’re authentic, meaning we’re open in our feelings and communication, and don’t pretend to have all the answers.
  5. “Better than when we Started” – RhinoDox invests in each of its’ employees, and each of its’ customers, to ensure that they end up in a better place than where they started.

Why does it matter?

Values are an important part of many of our lives. They’re the guiding principles that we fall back on when we’re making decisions. So, a disconnect between those principles that guide our lives at work, versus our lives at home can lead to a number of problems.

In fact, according to a Forbes article, titled “Three Reasons Why Values Matter, And I’m Not Talking The Money Kind”, “values are how you hire, values are how you change behavior, and values are the heart of your culture.”

Check in with yourself and your company values.

  • Can you strive for constant learning and bravery in the workplace if your personal values are telling you to stay in your comfort zone?
  • Can you be trusted to make the right decisions for the customer, if your personal values are telling you to achieve success regardless of what it takes?
  • How can you be vulnerable and open, if your personal values are telling you to act as though you have all the answers?

If these instances seem difficult or maybe even impossible, it’s because they are.  

RhinoDox Owner and CEO, Justin Ullman, stresses the importance of aligned values by stating, “When you hire the individuals who share the same set of values as your company – the ones who naturally and intuitively think in the same way and want the answer to align with what they believe in, it results in better and more rapid decision making, and ultimately drives employee engagement.

RhinoDox Results

We set ourselves and our clients up for success, because we hire people who exemplify our core values. As a result, our employees are constantly collaborating, learning, and most importantly, doing what’s best for YOU.

Learn more About RhinoDox and the core values that drive our passion.

 Katy Tolsky is the Marketing & Administrative Coordinator at RhinoDox. Prior to RhinoDox, she attended Monmouth College, where she received a degree in Business Administration and Spanish. When Katy’s not a busy Rhino, she enjoys bike riding, watching movies and exploring the Chicago restaurant scene.