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The RhinoDox Platform & How It Can Help Manufacturers

The RhinoDox Platform & How It Can Help Manufacturers

When we talk with manufacturing clients about their problems and pains, we hear a lot of the same things: communication and decision-making bottlenecks, lost information and knowledge, lack of visibility, missed deadlines, too much time wasted, and so much more. These problems can be fixed with RhinoDox’s help. Our intelligent and robust solutions can turn your challenges into efficiencies.

RhinoDox is a cloud-based, intelligent content management platform. Our platform streamlines communication and visibility by connecting people, content and business processes to optimize how our clients work day-to-day. Ultimately, we help your team get more done in less time.

With RhinoDox, we can take your organization and office operations to a new level of performance and efficiency. Our process starts with document upload and cloud storage and ends with scalability and flexibility. It involves data enrichment, content analysis, intelligent search, and business process automation. Using these features, your teams and operations will evolve from disorganized to organized, from inefficient to effective. You can learn more about our platform and solutions below.

Waste Less Paper With Document Upload and Storage

We know a lot of organizations still use physical forms and documents they either print and carry with them or fill out, and they rely on those for getting tasks done. This can become time-consuming, wasteful and ultimately a disaster in terms of document tracking. RhinoDox helps organizations move their legacy physical documents and processes into the cloud and digitize them so they can find and do everything — securely — online.

The RhinoDox platform resolves the complaints about lost information and knowledge we hear all too often from our clients. Manufacturing companies are often using shared network drives, physical forms, or a hodgepodge of other systems where an important piece of knowledge for a simple task, a key document, or an old project easily get lost. With the help of RhinoDox, these problems are easily addressed.

Our leading content and document storage platform ensures that content is intuitively stored and easily surfaced, making documents and critical information accessible by all of the right people when they need them. If there are physical documents in someone’s notebook or on someone’s desk, let us help you digitize those notes and make it easy for anyone to find in the organization.

Optimize Your Time With Intelligent Search & Discovery

Our platform allows you to find the most relevant documents and content using our consumer-grade search. Without intelligent search and discovery, you have long and costly turnarounds and the risk of misinformation which can lead to a lot of time wasted for your organization.

Teams rely on emails, phone calls, spreadsheets to communicate with coworkers and customers. This creates a host of risks, including lost business opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, and misinformation.

We often hear that one of the biggest drivers of these risks is simply finding the right document or piece of content. Whether it’s because an employee is searching through an antiqued network share drive, or across multiple platforms, or through their email history…it can take a long time for them to simply find that document and complete their task. The time spent finding content is real, and it is costly.

RhinoDox provides a place for not only all these documents to live, but to be easily and immediately found. Our platform utilizes text extraction, OCR, and semantic enrichment to ensure that documents and relevant results are easily accessed. Intelligent Search and Discovery coupled with business process automation allows for accurate information to go to the right people at the right time, minimizing the risk of misinformation.

The robust platform we’ve built not only makes it easy and fast to find the right content with our consumer-grade search and leading digital document storage capabilities, but this paired with our ability to automate and streamline customers’ business processes ensure that communications, documents, and decisions are seamless and as fast and accurate as necessary.

Ensure Efficiency With Business Process Automation

When it comes to how processes and work gets done in an organization, one of the biggest complaints we hear from our customers before we start working with them is the manual, time-consuming business processes. Their processes are often very manual, and conversations and decisions are had over the phone or through email, making the process too time-consuming to track down what you need. This situation becomes even more cumbersome because of the system and process bottlenecks that hinder decision-making, approvals, and process completion.

RhinoDox provides our clients with business process automation allowing for documents and content to be distributed automatically to the right stakeholders. Our platform’s automated triggers also ensure the right actions and follow-ups are taken by the necessary people. We eliminate communication and process bottlenecks your teams endure on a daily basis. Our platform streamlines how to get things done, and ensuring the right steps are followed by the right people at the right time.

We also hear our customers complain about the cost of idle time when we first meet with them. They’re usually stuck on a step in the process, sometimes it’s because they can’t find a specific document they’re looking for. This results in a lack of efficiency costing the company real money in terms of downtime and opportunity cost. With our platform, we reduce the idle time through both business process automation and our consumer-grade search, ensuring our platform serves up the most relevant documents an individual needs to get their job done.

Leverage Software Usability

The RhinoDox platform is all about usability and visibility. Our goal when creating this platform was to make it easy for everyone to use from the most tech-savvy users to the team member that avoids computers any time they can. RhinoDox is built with all users in mind, ensuring that the platform is as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.

We hear consistently that employees at all levels feel like they lose visibility into decisions, communications, and status when working with other team members. Notes, documents, and emails all get lost in the shuffle, or not all the right people are looped in.

The beauty of a platform designed for usability is that it directly addresses problems with visibility and transparency. When RhinoDox is utilized for document storage, automated communications and escalations, and document search it ensures the right people have the right visibility at the right time so that decisions are made and processes are completed efficiently.

Take Advantage Of Scalability and Flexibility

When you’re looking to grow your organization or teams, you want to have technology and processes in place that can scale with that growth. The RhinoDox platform can scale across teams as rapidly as a client wants, whether that means starting with a small team or implementing across an entire organization. Whether that means simply digitizing and automating your work orders or connecting business processes across your sales, operations and engineering teams, or anything in between. Our platform is extremely flexible and extensible based on the needs of your organization.

Better yet, we can implement in a matter of days or weeks versus the months (or years, in some cases) it takes with other software platforms. And because of the usability of the platform, training is done in a couple of hours. This means your teams are up-and-running as quickly as possible, and that you benefit from a risk-free, pain-free software implementation that has near-immediate ROI.

The RhinoDox platform has everything in place for your organization to grow and succeed – secure document storage, automated business processes, consumer-grade search and discovery, and more.

If you’re wanting to change the way your team and organization as a whole operates, contact us today to speak with a Rhino!