man using technology to work on construction plans

The Adoption Curve: Construction Tech Gathers Pace

We’ve seen a steady uptick in technology solutions designed to solve a host of problems being experienced by those working in the construction industry. From 360-degree cameras for virtual site walk-throughs, to robotics that can build walls, hang sheetrock, and operate machinery in tricky locations, this industry—which is often labeled as tech-adverse—is now being credited with climbing the adoption curve and reaping the benefits. 

Like many industries facing the realities of the pandemic over the past year, changes have been accelerated by need. Deploying technology is vital to delivering great projects as companies continue to work remotely, yet still need to collaborate with team members effectively, and deliver great service to clients. Platform technologies have become even more vital. 

According to a recent report by McKinsey:  “Taking the good with the bad, we expect that the continuing COVID-19 pandemic will drive a net acceleration in the use of technology and the construction industry will continue its transformation from a highly complex, fragmented, and project-based industry to a more standardized, consolidated, and integrated one.”

We see this as great news, not only for companies like RhinoDox, that are building software platforms to support the construction industry, but especially for the knowledge workers who are tasked with the often cumbersome job of managing business processes. This includes pre-construction work, like responding to bids and creating bid packages, which is often managed via offline spreadsheets, file shares, email, and laboriously copying and pasting information from old bids and other documents. These manual methods are costly from a time standpoint, can result in out-dated information, poor quality bids, the introduction of risk, and even negatively impact morale.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then it’s likely time for a technology review and evaluating business process management tools, like RhinoDox maybe the answer.

  • Is your team wasting their time doing low value manual tasks? This would include cutting and pasting content from prior bids and old documents; sorting through email to find documents, looking for information in file share.
  • Is there a lack of consistent processes holding your organization back?  Does your team have to recreate the wheel each time a bid request comes in? Does team member A have a different approach to team member B when it comes to preparing bid responses?
  • Are there critical business decisions you’d like to be making but can’t, due to a lack of information?   If you have to rely on gut feelings that certain types of jobs, or certain customers don’t seem to be yielding the results/business wins you’d like to see, you are likely lacking a comprehensive view of the critical data.  

Whether you are the President and CEO, a functional leader, department leader, team leader or an individual contributor, you probably see various opportunities to improve your key business processes. The good news is that thanks to technology advances including automation, and the ability to collaborate and work in the cloud, upgrades are pain-free and the pay-off is pretty immediate.

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Justin Ullman