The RhinoDox Approach to Customer Success and What it Means for Your Business

The RhinoDox Approach to Customer Success and What it Means for Your Business

Customer Success in the Content Services Space

Customer Success (CS) is the new buzzword that’s getting a lot of attention in the SaaS space. If software companies don’t have a customer success team today, then it’s likely that they are in the process of implementing one, or are at least considering it.

Why is that?

It’s because a customer success team provides proactive, strategic account support and innovative solutions that help companies reach their digital transformation goals.

Here’s what a Customer Success team can do for you in the content services space:  

    • Plan & execute new document storage programs
    • Provide thought leadership & competitor updates in the industry
    • Recommend strategic ideas to automate manual processes  
  • Proactively think of new opportunities to expand digital transformation within your business

The RhinoDox Approach

The unique approach to Customer Success at RhinoDox is that the CS team is involved early on in the sales cycle to provide the most value to the client. Customer Success is introduced to the client during the discovery phase when a use case has been established so they can begin internal ideation of a solution. This allows the CS team to quickly establish a working relationship with the client and set the foundation for success.

At RhinoDox, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of our client’s team. All of our clients receive a dedicated Customer Success resource to identify digital transformation problems and to provide tactical solutions that can be implemented in multiple phases. Additionally, CS is there to support the client through onboarding & training, to establish goals & KPIs, and to uncover new opportunities. This 3-prong approach sets all of our clients up for success.

What that means for your Business

Our main objective is to solve our clients’ search problems by enabling knowledge workers to access information at their fingertips with the RhinoDox platform. In addition, we want to provide solutions to our clients, which allow them to automate manual processes so knowledge workers can focus on more strategic efforts.

The direct benefits that our clients receive from enabling search technology and automated workflows are:

    • Gain time to work strategically ON your business, not IN your business or buried   underneath it
    • Employees can focus on important critical tasks that move the needle forward
  • Operationalize new business insights quickly and iterate

Ultimately, RhinoDox is here to provide our clients with software solutions that conform to their business needs, not the other way around.

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Sammie Gibson, RhinoDox Senior Customer Success Manager

Sammie Gibson is the Senior Customer Success Manager at RhinoDox. Prior to RhinoDox, she worked in the digital marketplace, delivering mobile marketing experiences & strategies to retail, insurance and financial services clients. When she’s not a busy Rhino, Sammie enjoys a good glass of red wine, playing Euchre with friends and watching comedy shows.