Our Top 3 Highlights from the Aragon Research 2017 Hot Vendor and Innovation Awards Ceremony - RhinoDox
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Our Top 3 Highlights from the Aragon Research 2017 Hot Vendor and Innovation Awards Ceremony

Our Top 3 Highlights from the Aragon Research 2017 Hot Vendor and Innovation Awards Ceremony

A Day Filled with Insights and Value

If you follow RhinoDox on social media or have opted into our email communications, you probably know that a lot of exciting things have been going on for us in 2017.

One of the most exciting of those has been our relationship with California-based Research and Advisory Firm, Aragon Research.

In September of this year, Aragon named RhinoDox a Hot Vendor in the “Modern Content Management” category, helping solidify the claims we’ve been making about our WorkLight product, and its role in Digital Transformation.

Fast forward a few months to a sunny December day in Silicon Valley, and we’ve arrived at The Aragon Research 2017 Hot Vendor and Innovation Awards Ceremony.

The day started out with an insightful briefing titled, “The Digital Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise”, where we learned about a number of interesting trends in AI, the movement towards Intelligent Content Analytics and the foolproofing of Digital Journeys.

After this, began the awards show. The evening of networking, awards and insights from technology leaders was full of highlights and learnings, but here are our top three:

  1. Break it Down. It was very clear that ‘Digital Transformation’ can mean a multitude of things. The key is to start small. At RhinoDox we call it “Walk, Run, Fly.” Start with a simple problem. Work through discovery, implementation, user adoption, and measure the outcome. Run that a couple times, and build the confidence and skill necessary to take on bigger bites.
  2. API Frameworks OR BUST! Technology that doesn’t talk to each other is problematic. The world is now built on API frameworks, where users or applications can consume a little or a lot of the functionality of a system by calling APIs. It’s like building software with LEGO-like blocks. The RhinoDox engineering team works tirelessly on our API framework every day, in order to make WorkLight easier to use, so it’s good to hear how important it’s becoming in technology buying decisions.
  3. Low Code. We’ve been noticing that there are more and more platforms that make it easy for “non-techy” people to build on. And it’s not just about building. It’s about accelerating results. We know IT is already burdened with lots of projects and tasks, so it’s important to make it easy for anyone to build their own solutions and applications.

We’d like to thank Aragon Research once more for this prestigious award – we’re both humbled and excited, and look forward to all that 2018 has to offer for us and our clients.

Learn more about our flagship product, WorkLight, by clicking here.

Justin Ullman, RhinoDox CEOJustin Ullman is the Founder & CEO of RhinoDox. He has been in the Technology and Content Management industry, helping companies create differentiation and workforce efficiency, for over two decades. When Justin’s not a busy Rhino, he enjoys playing shows with his band, and spending time with his family and friends.