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Comprehensive Bid Management Platform

RhinoDox Bid Management Overview

Maximize Your Bidding Efforts: Unlock Your Existing Bid Data While Streamlining Proposal Building.

Bid Management and Proposal Features – At-a-Glance

Automation. Collaboration. Visibility. Predictive Data.



Effortless Professional Proposals

Consistent Language

Automated Version Control

Customized Bid Templates

Automated Bid Status Tracking




Mine Your Existing Bid Data

Pipeline Visibility

GC & Profitability Performance

Backlog Visibility

Insights Into Your Best Jobs

RhinoDox Bid Response Software Capabilities

  • All information entered into the RhinoDox platform is captured and stored
  • As you enter more projects into the platform a robust dataset is being generated
  • No need for estimators to do double entry into other systems or Excel because we use the information in the bid responses
  • With a consistent and comprehensive capture of ALL your project data, trends and insights can be generated
  • Report on win/loss by GC, Estimator, Project Type, Project Size

Digital Forms Capture

• Dynamic online forms allow Estimators to quickly capture important project details
• Capture critical dates to make sure bids never slip through the cracks
• Consistent forms make sure you ALWAYS include the most important parts of your successful bids
• Provide access to your sales, estimating and project teams from anywhere with an internet connection

Scope and Clause Libraries

Knowledge at your fingertips

• Ability to create libraries of the consistent scope language you use in all your bids
• Estimators can easily modify, add and delete language from library templates
• Highlight areas of scopes that Estimators need to always fill in
• Libraries of General Project Qualifications can be stored for quick retrieval
• Update stored libraries with the most recent information on lead times, payment terms, or any other relevant terms

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions and Exclusions Libraries

Never miss a critical condition or project assumption again

  • Administrators can create groups of inclusions and exclusions with consistent language
  • Estimators simply click ‘Include’ or ‘Exclude’ and the correct language is inserted into the bid response
  • Estimators can quickly scan inclusion and exclusion list as a visual checklist to make sure nothing is unintentionally omitted

Automated Bid Response Generation

The RhinoDox Proposal Builder gives you more time to estimate

  • Rich Text Editing of the critical details of your proposal
  • One-click insertion of Scope and Clause Libraries into your proposal
  • Save capabilities allow you to switch between proposals quickly
  • With the click of a single button, generate proposals customized to each GC you are bidding to
  • Bid Proposals are generated in seconds saving time copying, editing and saving Word documents
  • Proposals are customized to YOUR proposal
  • Proposals are automatically named and stored

Bid Response Repository

One place to store, find and manage all your Bid Documents

  • Document collaboration with Microsoft online capabilities
  • Granular security controls easily control who can see what
  • Automation creates a consistent place to store bid details, documents and bid status’
  • Automated version control ensures you are ALWAYS working on the most current version
  • Proposal responses are dated so you know what was created and when

Easily Revise and Rebid

  • Use the RhinoDox Proposal Builder to quickly make changes to bids you are working on
  • With a single click you can generate a new bid response letter for each GC
  • Automated storage and automatically update version controls
Easily Revise and Rebid