The RhinoDox Platform

RhinoDox is a cloud-based, Intelligent Content Management platform. We help address the pains associated with document management and manual business processes. We streamline communication and visibility by connecting people, documents and business processes to help your teams get more done in less time.

Cloud Platform

RhinoDox is a cloud platform with top tier security. Because your content is hosted in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere. Not in the office? Need to access your content on the go? Search and view from any device anywhere.

Intelligent Search and Discovery

We’ve created a Google-like search experience focused on making your life easier. Don’t know where that document is? We’ll find it because we search within the content of your documents and not just the document titles.

Data Enrichment

Finding documents has never been easier. We’ve supercharged search with our proprietary consumer-grade search engine. Our search returns the most relevant results by searching across all document information, including content in the documents themselves and other relevant results.

Workflow & Business Process Automation

We’ve integrated powerful workflow solutions to transform time consuming processes to streamlined and efficient business operations. Gain process transparency and discover documents and content on-demand.

Document and Content Upload

Not only is it important than you can easily find content that helps you get your job done. The RhinoDox platform offers various options for content & media file upload to accommodate all quantities. Additionally, we’ll ensure that each item is searchable using our leading-edge text, speech, image and data recognition tools.

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you are adding additional users, extending the platform across teams, or integrating the platform into additional systems and business processes, RhinoDox provides the scalability and flexibility your growing business needs. Our platform was built on a fully-featured, services-based APIs that ensure it’s easy and fast to evolve.

User Security Controls

RhinoDox provides granular security controls, so users only have access to the things you want them to have access to. For example, you can restrict user access down to the document type or metadata data level making it easy to align to your data governance policies. Admin users can configure the organization’s user settings within minutes. Regardless of the set-up, the controls are flexible enough to meet any restrictions necessary.

Digital Content and Migration Services

Many of us still have to deal with a large volume of physical documents on a daily basis because of legacy processes. Migrating these physical documents and forms into a digital world can be time-consuming and painful. We offer a multitude of migration services including document coordination, scanning and OCR services, and FTP migration so that the process is as pain-free and efficient as possible.

Document management hurts.  We’re here to help.