We don’t brag about much, but when it comes to our search engine technology, we know we’ve got something special. The RhinoDox platform’s search engine technology ensures that users never lose, or even struggle to locate documents. Here’s how we do it:


Our search engine looks at document titles, document content and metadata. So, even if you don’t remember what you named your document, you can still find it.


We use something called ‘semantics’ to make sure you always find the documents you’re looking for, even if they have words and terms you wouldn’t have thought to search for. For example, if your coworker saved a document “Project Rhinoceros”, but you search for “Operation Rhino”, your search results would pull up both, because they mean the same thing in your organization.


The RhinoDox platform features a powerful workflow tool that automates your processes from start to finish. Our drag-and-drop designers make it easy to build and kickstart workflows for things like contract approvals, vacation requests, project approvals and more. You name your process, we build it – it’s never been so easy to get stuff done.

Platform as a Service

We have a team of experts who love to find solutions to complex situations. Figuring out how to fit the puzzle pieces together is a challenge we take head on – it’s in our nature. We thrive on breaking down complexity and simplifying it. Treat us like an extension of your team, helping you solve your everyday problems.

Migration Services

Full Service:
Document migration can be stressful, but we’re here to make the hard work easy. We have a team of dedicated migration experts who will manage the process all the way through, and provide strategic recommendations along the way. For example, we can pick up and collect your data, organize the information, store the physical files and capture the metadata. You name it, we’ll help. Just call it our white glove service.

Hybrid Model:
Do you have existing scanning technology but no way to index your data? Then our hybrid model will fit your needs. We work with local partners to provide high quality data capture, allowing us to seamlessly move your documents, data and content to our platform. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

A self-service model allows your company to operate on your terms. If you already own scanning and indexing technology, we’ll work together to move your data to our platform. It’s as simple as that.

RhinoDox was designed specifically for the needs of growing businesses.