Rhino Features - RhinoDox
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One place to store, find and manage all your content. Transform the way your people work with our secure, cloud-based platform.

Meta-data & OCR Enrichment

Enhance your search results with meta-data captured on documents and folders, and search within scanned PDFs.

Semantic Search

Build your own custom ontology and find relevant search terms that mean the same thing.

Collaborative Platform

Manage the latest versions of documents and share content for a seamless user experience.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Access the RhinoDox Platform on any device, from anywhere.

Easy Reporting

Generate document reports for audits and share key metrics with your stakeholders.

Security Controls

Utilize granular security controls at the folder level for individual users to align with your data governance policies.


Identify processes best suited for or in need of automation and get started with clicks, not code. Gain process visibility and accelerate digital transformation in your organization today.

Digital Forms

Replace "paperwork" and data entry with digital forms by capturing accurate information from wherever you are

Document Generation

No more cutting and pasting, no more errors. Deliver precise and compliant documents the first time, every time.


Complete approval processes with electronic signature allowing your business to move faster.


Integrate the business apps you use every day into your workflows.

Process Mapping

Turn complex process maps, Visio charts, and procedure documents into clean, simple, and accessible process maps.

Process Collaboration

Easily capture process feedback and improvements from users, while investing in process excellence from the ground up.