The RhinoDox Platform

RhinoDox is a cloud-based, Intelligent Content Management platform for Manufacturing companies aimed at helping Sales, Marketing and Sales Operation teams move content into a digital world so that it is safely stored, easily found and quickly integrated into daily processes. We focus on reducing the time your front-office and mid-office teams spend searching for content and documents so they can spend more time growing revenue.

Document and Content Upload

It’s important that you can easily find any relevant documents or media that helps you get your job done. That means it’s vital that you can upload and store any piece of content or media so you can actually find it at all. The RhinoDox platform enables you to upload any piece of content or media and ensure that the item is searchable using leading-edge text, speech, image and data recognition tools.

Cloud Storage

Your content is stored securely in the RhinoDox platform. This saves time and money by eliminating the need for costly IT resources. Because your content is hosted in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere. Not in the office? No problem. RhinoDox is a web-based application, so all you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Need to access your content on the go? We can do that too. RhinoDox was designed to be mobile friendly, so you can search and view your content right from your phone or tablet.

Semantic Data Enrichment

We’ve supercharged search with our proprietary semantic search engine. With semantic search, we can recommend other relevant search terms based on common synonyms or your own business language, which makes it even easier to find the content that you need, and other relevant content beyond that. Additionally, we know that other systems love tagging, and think you should be the one to do it. We don’t think it should be that way. With RhinoDox, you have the option to utilize tagging or not, and have all of your content and data be easily searchable and enriched either way.

Intelligent Search and Discovery

We’ve created a search experience focused on making your life easier, by allowing you to search for what you’re looking for, not where it’s stored. We built our platform to feel like your favorite shopping site or search engine, but better. Don’t know where that document is? We’ll find it because we use auto-text extraction to search within your documents, rather than parsing through the document titles.

User Security Controls

RhinoDox provides granular security controls, so users only have access to the things you want them to have access to. Applying group and role-based security allows us to easily align to your data governance policies. Admin users can configure the organization’s user settings within minutes or they can rely on the RhinoDox Customer Success Team to manage the access controls on their behalf. Regardless of the set-up, the controls are flexible enough to meet any restrictions necessary.

Workflow Integration

We’ve integrated powerful workflow solutions that allow you to automate processes in minutes with a few clicks. Our intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designers turn time-consuming processes into automated, efficient workflows. Further, digital forms allow you to create and publish reusable forms with dynamic fields, data validation, customized design and e-signature capabilities for rich interaction. Our search technology and workflow solutions go hand-in-hand. You can drive efficiency and productivity from a single department scaling to enterprise-wide processes, all while leveraging the RhinoDox platform to discover content that matters the most to you.

Scalability and Flexibility

RhinoDox will grow as the needs of your business do. Whether you are adding additional users, extending the platform across teams, or integrating the platform into additional systems and business process, RhinoDox provides the scalability and flexibility you need. Our platform was built on a fully-featured, services-based APIs that ensure it’s easy and fast to evolve how you use RhinoDox.

Digital Content and Migration Services

We’re living in an evolving digital world. However, many of us still have to deal with a large volume of physical documents on a day to day basis because of legacy processes. Migrating these physical documents and forms into a digital world can be time-consuming and painful.  RhinoDox is here to help make that process as pain-free as possible. Whether it’s simply creating digital versions of your physical forms, connecting you with a partner who can digitally scan your physical documents or providing full service digitization of your physical archives, we’ll help.

RhinoDox was designed specifically for the needs of growing businesses.