Use Cases

We help a wide variety of industries and departments – if you don’t see yours listed, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Trust us – you name it, we’ll craft a solution.

What We Automate for Insurance

Claims Operations

Speed up the process and overall efficiency of the claims department in order to provide a better customer experience. RhinoDox automatically files and approves claims and retains digital copies that can be accessed at any time.

Policy Underwriting

Stop tracking down application paperwork, checking the status and waiting on approvals. RhinoDox helps automates the underwriting process from start to finish.

Policy Renewals

Spend more time building relationships and selling policies to clients. The RhinoDox platform sends automatic notifications when policy renewals are approaching, so agents don’t have to!

Policy Applications

Allow prospects to view what stage their application is in at all times, with real-time updates. RhinoDox automates the entire application process, and sends notifications when action is required.

Agent Licenses

Focus more time on your clients – never worry about an expiring license again. The RhinoDox platform sends automatic notifications when license expiration dates are approaching.

Life Insurance Payouts

Life insurance payouts shouldn’t take weeks or months to process. The RhinoDox platform facilitates the process, so beneficiaries receive payouts faster.

What We Automate for Everything Else

Benefits Administration

Enter data and store documents quicker and easier, in order to maintain accurate records at all times. The RhinoDox platform significantly reduces data entry, and stores everything in one place.

Employee Onboarding

Automate the process of receiving new-hire paperwork, and let employees get to work as soon as day one. The RhinoDox platform automatically sends paperwork to new employees, and sends reminders to ensure the signed documents get returned, so your HR department doesn’t have to!

Expense Claim Management

Start paying out reimbursements faster, and you’ll have happy employees and a happy HR department. RhinoDox automates, tracks and evaluates submitted claims, so employees get paid faster than ever.

Invoice Processing

Ensure invoices get sent to the right people, and get correctly classified, validated and stored. The RhinoDox platform sends notifications when invoices are ready for approval and payment, and sends reminders until they get paid.

Performance Reviews

Don’t keep track of performance reviews manually! The RhinoDox platform tracks objectives, reviews and deadlines automatically, ensuring all parties are well-informed at all times.

Policy Management

Secure critical records and manage the compliance, review and updating of company policies automatically. RhinoDox manages the policy management process at every step by sending notifications whenever policies need to be reviewed, updated and changed.

Vacation Requests

Stop over-complicating employee requests for vacation days. The process doesn’t have to manually go through multiple people or departments, and it doesn’t have to take days or weeks. RhinoDox turns the vacation request process into one simple click, and automatically sends notifications to all required parties for approval.

Internal Auditing

Audits don’t have to be a frantic search for old receipts and documentation. The RhinoDox platform saves and archives all documentation, even after workflows are deleted. Now auditors are happy, and so are you!

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