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What We Automate for Manufacturing

Are you a manufacturer looking to modernize and digitalize how you manage documents and processes? RhinoDox provides an end-to-end platform that can help you transform your cumbersome processes and content to digital processes and content, allowing you to focus on growing revenue. We can help with with any content and process need you have, including:

Engineer to Order

Invoice & Work Order Processing

Customer & Product Spec Documentation Management

Quote Management

Contract Management

Case Study


The Client: A National Supply Chain Solutions Manufacturer

The Pain: 


-Team processes over 18,000 transactions per month (invoices, work orders, multiple data sources, etc.).


-Locating invoices and work orders takes days using spreadsheets, email, external storage devices and outdated software.


-The document auditing process was completely manual.

The Remedy: 


Utilizing RhinoDox’s Intelligent Content Platform, including Content Digitization, Ingestion, Storage, Search & Discovery and Workflow Integration, the client benefited from:


-Process automation that handles 90% of transactions.


-50% in staff cost savings, allowing staff to focus more on revenue moments and customer satisfaction.


-100% user adoption and usage on Day 1.

RhinoDox has transformed our Fleet Management business. We can now double the revenue for our department and allow our current employees to focus on more important tasks. – Corporate Director of Marketing and Business Development

Case Study


The Client: A Manufacturer of High-Temperature and Nonstick Coatings

The Pain: 


-No secure method for sharing customer shipping and invoice documentation.


-Invoices, Bills of Lading, Certificates of Analysis were sent back and forth via email.


-Cavero Coatings received 40 requests per month from 5 clients to locate and send the necessary documentation.

The Remedy: 


-Migrate the shipping and invoice documents over to the RhinoDox platform.


-Set-up user security controls based on the client.


-Provide access to Cavero Coatings’ clients.

With the help of RhinoDox, we are able to operate in a more efficient manner while providing a seamless experience for our clients. - Assistant General Manager

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