About Us

RhinoDox History

RhinoDox is a family-owned business, with roots dating all the way back to 1913. The company began as a physical document storage organization, but the RhinoDox we know today was founded in 2016.


After CEO, Justin Ullman, took the company over, his passion for content really shined when he created the company’s cloud-based, Intelligent Content Platform.


The RhinoDox platform remains unmatched in the industry in its storage, search and workflow capabilities, and the organization continues to thrive and grow in the Chicago technology space.

RhinoDox History

Meet The Team

Our team is full of dedicated experts who take every project seriously, and treat it as though their name was on it.

Justin Ullman

Justin Ullman


Julia Huang

Julia Huang

Director of Customer Success

Travis Whelan

Travis Whelan

Principal Engineer

Zach Debelak

Senior Vice President of Product

Core Values

Here are the 5 core values that guide our company and feed our passion.

“Master Yoda”

Yoda is the Jedi Master, a teacher. And we are all here because of great teachers. That’s why we are always learning and working on what makes us better. Everyone on our team shares that passion.


“Be Brave”

Transformational change requires bravery. It requires taking risks. And it manifests itself in the decisions we make, the conversations we have and the courage to be ourselves and do our best work.


“Take a Right at the Light”

We always take the time to drive to the right decisions. Case in point: We had a client that was doing six figures worth of scanning with us, but we found an easier, more cost-effective solution for them. So we stopped doing their scanning. It was the right thing for their company.


“The Real Deal”

The most interesting people we know are all authentic. They are open in their feelings and communication. And most importantly, they are vulnerable. They don’t pretend to have all the answers because people rarely do.


“Better Than When We Started”

Very simply put, our employees will leave better than when they started. We will invest in them professionally and personally. And we will leave our customers better than when we started. We will help be their catalyst for transformative change.

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