RhinoDox for Subcontractors

A Process-Driven Approach to Bidding

Collect Bid Information and Documentation

Subcontractors spend time and resources determining whether to bid a project. RhinoDox streamlines pre-bid tasks using forms for data collection and pre-bid checklist routing. Our cloud-based platform provides stakeholders with visibility into key details and updates—without the headache of a manual review and response.

  • Digital bid form to capture critical information
  • Automated pre-bid checklist routing
  • Consistent project folder and subfolder creation
  • Cloud storage for project data, drawings, and documents
RhinoDox software screenshot
RhinoDox software screenshot

Easily Generate Bid Packages

Subcontractors waste time copying and pasting previous bids-leaving room for error or inaccuracies. RhinoDox generates professional bid documents differentiating subcontractors in a competitive marketplace. Create bids in minutes using your preferred templates and response documentation.

  • Toggle buttons for consistent proposal language
  • Quickly respond to multiple GCs, or customers, on the same project
  • Store standard documentation in RhinoDox for easy access, including:
    • MBE/WBE Certifications
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • W9
    • OSHA Forms
  • Timely review process before submission

No Bid Left Behind

Communication, evolving scopes, and cost negotiations can be the difference in winning or losing projects. Put your company in the best position to succeed with visibility and accurate information. The RhinoDox Bid Dashboard helps subcontractors easily manage every bid, initiate rebids, and store project information in the cloud.

  • Save all bid response versions in the cloud and track status
  • Gain visibility into due dates so estimators can prioritize time-sensitive bids
  • Track project start/close dates to support field scheduling
  • Use the RhinoDox Bid DashBoard to initiate rebids
RhinoDox software screenshot

RhinoDox for General Contractors

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Streamline the construction contract process from start to finish

Generating, negotiating and finalizing contracts—before a project can even begin—typically causes headaches and can be incredibly time-consuming for general contractors. Time means money, so a delayed job-start is never positive.

This is where RhinoDox’s business process management platform comes into its own: automatically capturing key construction project criteria using built-in digital forms, and providing a complete audit trail of contract changes, redlines, and notes, before processing electronic signatures on the final documents.

With support for standard AIA building contract templates, RhinoDox puts you in total control of language, legal review, and versioning. You’re never left wondering: Is this is the right revision? You’ll always know the contract status. Key features include:

  • Full support of Standard AIA (American Institute of Architects) A Series Owner/Contractor agreement templates including:
    • A101 – 2017 – Stipulated Sum to ensure projects stay within budget
    • A102 – 2017 & A103 – 2017 – Cost of work with or without Guaranteed Maximum Price
    • A104 – 2017, Standard Abbreviated Form
    • A105 – 2017, Standard Short Form
  • Consistent, standardized approach to contract management
  • Streamlined, automated contract generation and internal legal review
  • Digital client redline, review, approval, and signature

Instantly capture contract-creation data and deftly manage negotiations

RhinoDox arms general contractors with automated, cloud-based contract initiation and digital Contract Forms. Quickly capture contract details, automatically generate contract drafts, track versions, and quickly route digital documents to all stakeholders for review and approval—no clipboards or towering piles of paperwork required. Key features include:

  • Digital Contract Form to capture necessary information to create the contract
  • Accessibility from any device
  • Leverage your standard, boilerplate language and terms
  • Always start with the approved changes you have made to AIA contracts
  • Electronic generation of owner contracts
  • Internal and external routing of current contracts throughout the negotiation process
  • Central, cloud based storage for all contracts and related documents
  • Version control and tracking
  • Automated folder and version creation
  • Support for electronic signature

RhinoDox makes it simple to standardize the contract management process, organize and search documents and forms, and engage with globally-dispersed clientele from wherever you are. We make contract creation and management processes consistent, accurate, and fast—all while improving in-house efficiency and helping you make better business decisions with every build.

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