Why RhinoDox

RhinoDox: An Automated Process and Data-Driven Approach to Better Construction Bid Management

“The lifeblood of a contractor is accurate bidding”

-Association of General Contractors


General Contractors adoption of Invitation to Bid Platforms are overwhelming Subcontractor’s legacy, manual bid response processes. This forces a trade-off between accuracy and efficiency while failing to produce any actionable data. This results in wasted time submitting inaccurate, inconsistent and error prone proposals and a lack data to drive more predictable outcomes, identify project risk or price that risk accordingly.


RhinoDox is designed to provide a consistent bid process that allows you to efficiently create, manage, and track your bid responses with greater accuracy — faster. All while creating a rich data set that helps identify and win more of the right jobs.

Collect Bid Information and Critical Dates

The Go/No Go decision is one of the most important decisions you can make. RhinoDox collects the ‘right’ information to help you decide where to spend time and resources on projects to bid. RhinoDox streamlines collecting project information so that you can eventually see a history of projects with similar criteria. Once a decision is made to bid, you can easily distribute workloads by assigning estimators.

  • Collect critical bid dates and estimated project dates
  • Track Architects, GCs, Contract Types and Project Types
  • Ease of creating a project will setup all the following tasks to create and deliver a successful bid
  • Cloud storage for project data, drawings, and documents
Collect Bid Information
Easily Revise and Rebid

Easily Generate Bid Packages

Subcontractors waste time copying and pasting previous bids-leaving room for error or inaccuracies. RhinoDox’ Proposal Builder allows estimators to leverage Clause and Scope Libraries that allow them to spend more time estimating. If you care about what is in your bid response, we ensure consistency by automating the generation of professional bid documents differentiating subcontractors in a competitive marketplace. Create bids in minutes using YOUR preferred templates and response documentation.

  • Speed up bid responses using pre-defined scope libraries. Estimators choose a default scope library and can quickly add, edit, or delete to fit that specific bid.
  • Use General Condition libraries to keep updated language on items like lead time, payment terms, material pricing, etc.
  • Inclusions and Exclusions are pre-defined in a library so you only have to toggle ‘Included’ ‘Excluded’.  Estimators can also create custom qualifications in the editor.
  • Bidding multiple GCs?  RhinoDox will create a customized Bid Response letter for each GC each time a bid is revised.

Track & Analyze Bids

Communication, evolving scopes, and cost negotiations can be the difference in winning or losing projects. Put your company in the best position to succeed with visibility into your pipeline and accurate information. The RhinoDox Bid Dashboard helps subcontractors easily manage every bid, initiate rebids, and store project information in the cloud.

  • Status is updated automatically as Bids move through the process
  • Gain visibility into due dates so estimators can prioritize time-sensitive bids
  • Track project start/close dates to support field scheduling
  • Use the RhinoDox Bid Dashboard to initiate rebids
Track and Analyze Bids

How Our Bid Response Platform Takes Your Construction Business to the Next Level

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