The RhinoDox Construction Bid Response & Management Platform

Automate Your Processes

Accelerate Your Bid Responses

Gain Insight with Predictive Data

Win More of the Right Work

“Helping Specialty Trade Contractors
Win More Profitable Projects”

RhinoDox’ construction bid and proposal management software platform helps your team create data and process automation that allows you to generate bids with greater consistency — faster — and deliver the analytics you need to make informed decisions. 

Why it matters? By eliminating inefficient manual processes, our cloud-based bidding software is designed to streamline the bid response process, eliminate risk, and increase win rates for specialty construction and trade contractors. And with built-in predictive data, you get real-time business intelligence and visibility that you and your team need to make smart strategic decisions and win more profitable projects.


Why the RhinoDox Bid Response Platform?

Automated processes for faster and accurate bid responses

Dynamic online forms let you quickly collect relevant bid information and easily ensure that scoping language, inclusions and exclusions are accurate resulting in a high quality bid response.

Real-time bid response visibility and collaboration

Our cloud base platform provides disparate teams real time visibility into your bid responses and status so everyone can stay on top of the details and the bidding work load from anywhere.

Predictive data and insights for winning bid strategies

Information is power. RhinoDox provides key stakeholders with predictive data to provide insights on where to focus next - the right projects and the right clients.

Standardized templates for consistent and professional bid proposals

You want to represent your brand and do it well. Our platform allows you to standardize your bid responses so that they always look professional and do well to represent your organization.

The RhinoDox Edge

A Process Driven Approach to Construction Bidding

Collecting Bid Information

• Digital bid environment
• Leverage a library of standard terms and conditions, qualifications, exclusions and clarifications
• Enhance responses with automated routing

Generate Bid Packages

• One-click generation of a final bid package
• Quickly respond to multiple customers on the same project
• Bidding Intelligence allows you to easily rebid projects and track versions
• Form toggles trigger standard documentation and tasks (MBE/WBE, COI, etc.) into Bid Responses

Data Analytics

• Dashboards for Analytics & Insights across entire Bid Response History
• Visibility into open bids to optimize sales effort
• Visibility into pending and closed bids for job planning and labor forecasting
• Historical performance data by project type, general contractor, estimator, profitability and more

How Our Bid Response Platform Takes Your Construction Business to the Next Level