The status quo stops here.

RhinoDox eliminates headaches caused by manual work processes and cumbersome email threads by transforming the slow, network file shares of the past into efficient, repeatable, future-proof workflows that drive efficiency and improve accuracy for subcontractors and general contractors alike.

Faster quotes for accelerated growth

Built-in CRM platform integrations and dynamic online forms let you accurately capture and standardize incoming bid information. Untangle complex bid management processes, collect relevant information from subcontractors and suppliers, and deliver estimates in record time to win more clients.

Simplified contract management and project transparency

Cloud-based collaboration gives disparate teams real-time visibility into shared projects, so everyone can stay on top of the details. Easily manage contract versions, external documents, and redline conversations to deliver legal accuracy and start new construction projects on time, every time.

Pre-qualify contractors to drive efficiency and execution

Collect, organize, and maintain subcontractor information with digital forms, auto-generated templates, and electronic signature capabilities. RhinoDox streamlines the prequalification process to bring clarity to needs and deadlines, so you can respond to bids faster than ever before.

Close the loop with closeout processing

Automate end-of-project tasks and easily manage the closeout documentation process to give clients complete confidence in every deliverable. Schedule automated reminder messages, deadline alerts, and escalations to keep every project on track, and ensure that subcontractors are always paid on time.

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Repetitive, manual admin work kills productivity and drives morale into the ground. Give project teams and partners the freedom to focus on high-priority work without getting bogged down and distracted by tedious tasks that can—and should—be automated.

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Companies waste about $7.3M a year just searching for files. RhinoDox provides a single source of truth for your bids and contracts with full visibility into their status, associated tasks, and vendor information, so you can easily make cross-functional work simpler and more satisfying for everyone.

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When projects change hands, critical intelligence and processes can get lost forever. Recording and organizing institutional knowledge in the cloud makes sharing key information simple and repeatable—while forgotten expertise, inaccurate bids, and lost contracts become a thing of the past.