April 1, 2024

RhinoDox Success Stories: How Our Software Helps Contractors Secure Winning Bids

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At RhinoDox, we're dedicated to helping contractors streamline their bid management processes, improve their bidding strategies, and win more projects. Our bid management software has made a real difference for our clients, leading to some impressive success stories. Let's take a look at how RhinoDox has helped contractors secure winning bids and elevate their proposals.

Big Horn Plastering, Inc, located in Englewood, CO, specializes in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) and Masonry services within the construction industry. The company used to struggle with outdated tools like Excel spreadsheets and Word templates for bids.

Switching to RhinoDox has been a game-changer, explains Ginger Van Drew, a Senior Estimator at Big Horn Plastering. With all their data in one place and error-detection features, bidding has become faster, more accurate, and much easier for the team.

RG Construction is an integrity-driven company that forges enduring partnerships with employees, customers, and suppliers, committed to timely, budget-conscious, and high-quality project delivery with a culture of excellence as the standard since 1977. Chris Davis, VP of Estimating, worked with RhinoDox to improve their proposal layouts. The result? Clients were impressed by the professionalism and visual appeal of their bids. By enhancing their proposals with RhinoDox, Chris noticed a significant improvement in how their bids stood out to potential clients.

Andy Macgregor, President of Skyline Construction, values subcontractors who use RhinoDox. Their clear, concise, and visually appealing proposals save time and make the bidding process smoother.

“I highly recommend it to any subcontractor seeking to impress general contractors and secure more deals,” he explains. Working with subcontractors that use RhinoDox reflects professionalism and quality in their responses, making a positive impression on general contractors like Skyline Construction.

These success stories show how RhinoDox's bid management software is making a real impact in helping contractors win bids, impress clients, and secure profitable projects. Streamline your bidding process, improve your presentation, and increase your chances of success with RhinoDox. Join the growing community of successful contractors who have experienced the benefits of RhinoDox.